Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Its all in the money!

So 2012 is now upon us all, and I'm starting to look a bit more deeply into "this thing I'm doing"TM. So far I've got the name, logo, website registered and a whole list of items that I'm considering doing - such as:

  • Chilli Sauces - with a variety of Heats. A mild to medium one, a hot one and then a unbelievably hot oh my god it burns one.
  • Chilli chutneys - a take on a salsa one, using all the ingredient you'd find in a salsa, in the chutney. Other flavours are being looked in to
  • Chilli Relish - you don't see many of these around nowadays. I'll probably start with a Chilli Burger Relish, then maybe a Chilli Sweetcorn Relish as well.
  • Chilli Dressing - probably a mild chilli, roasted garlic & chive dressing I think. I won't be concentrating too much on the dressing front.
  • Other ideas - well I'm thing Chilli & Chocolate Chip Shortbread Biscuits, Chilli Desserts (if I start doing chilled items - could be too much of a pain), and a Chilli Gift Basket (the idea with that one is still being thought up of. I could do one with all the produce, or I could make up special items just for them).
The biggest thing at the moment is how I price myself. Most times I see hot chilli sauce around in shops its expensive (not supermarkets - their hot sauces are pathetic) - around £5-£6 a bottle. I could see probably being able to do £3.50-£4.00 a bottle, then around the same for a jar of relish/chutney. Bottles and Jars I can probably get quite cheap, labels hopefully the same...its all beginning to take shape!

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